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Punk Rock Holocaust on the Final Vans Warped Tour!!

The Punk Rock Holocaust crew will return to the 2018 Vans Warped Tour for one final romp! We’ll be working with Creep Records to release a limited edition DVD of both Punk Rock Holocaust 1 & 2 along with tons of exclusive bonus material that will be available on select dates of the tour!

We will also be finishing up Punk Rock Holocaust 3 with a Warped Tour-ending climax!  The demonic, pop-punk Executioner has returned to the tour with Angelo Moore of the ska/punk legends Fishbone.

Stay tuned for more details!!

About Punk Rock Holocaust 3:
Angelo Moore of Fishbone is hosting his own talk show on the Warped Tour. Along with his field producer James, they travel with the tour interviewing bands on a homemade talk show set on a school bus. In their travels, Angelo and James discover the kids are turning into mindless zombies after their smart-phones become infected with a strange virus. Also band members who have previously died are now mysteriously playing on the tour. On top of all that the Executioner has returned and is running around killing the bands (sometimes re-killing) in the middle of the zombie chaos. Warped founder Kevin Lyman is once again caught in the middle of the madness, trying to maintain the Summer’s biggest rock fest and keep the Satanic Record Exec Belial at bay (once again played by Troma’s Lloyd Kaufman) amidst the biggest Punk Rock Holocaust yet!

What is Punk Rock Holocaust?

The Punk Rock Holocaust series is a unique mix of a horror/comedy movie combined with live concert performances shot on the Vans Warped Tour.

The plot of the first film follows Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman as he tries to maintain the 2003 tour amidst a string of gristly murders at the hands of a pop-punk ‘Executioner’ while keeping the evil record executive Belial (Played by Troma Entertainment’s Lloyd Kaufman) at bay. Meanwhile, tour reporter Heather Vantress is trying to figure out who is behind the heinous crimes as the Warped Tour crew and bands (all played by themselves) are struggling to survive and stay on the road.

The original Punk Rock Holocaust features what has been called the highest on-screen body count in slasher film history with entire crowds being massacred in addition to the deaths of over 110 band members including (In alphabetical order) Atmosphere, Andrew WK, Beret, Big D and the Kids Table, Bowling For Soup, Destruction Made Simple, Dropkick Murphies, Face To Face, Glassjaw, Horrorpops, The Kids Of Widney High, Less Than Jake, Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies, MEST,Never Heard Of It, Pennywise, The Phenomenauts, Rancid, Simple Plan, Suicide Machines, Treephort, Tsunami Bomb, The Used, Vendetta Red and more!

Set one year after the original movie, the sequel finds the demonic Executioner’s headless, undead corpse back on the 2004 Vans Warped Tour looking for its head! The killer’s body is tearing the heads off of various band members and sticking them on the jagged spinal cord where his neck used to be, using them to look for his own head. The heads retain the personality of the band member but the body is pure evil and is still carrying out the killings. The estranged heads aren’t on too good and keep falling off.

On the tour there is total “Holocaust Denial” as Kevin Lyman and his tour production staff refutes the reports of carnage that happened in the previous year. Meanwhile, the evil Record Executive Belial (once again played by Troma’s Lloyd Kaufman) is on the rampage and on Lyman’s case about the deaths on the tour. One precocious, nubile “Holocaust Survivor” named Meghan has become a reporter for a small independent magazine. She is determined to get to the bottom of the story and reveal the truth to the world. Kevin Lyman is hiding something, but why? And what?

The film features live music performances as well as acting performances from some of the top bands of the 2004 and 2005 Warped Tours including The Aquabats, Bouncing Souls, The Casualties, My Chemical Romance, River City Rebels, Riverboat Gamblers, The Planet Smashers, Mr. Dibbs, Teenage Harlets, Shira Girl, Pro BMX Rider Rick Thorne and more!

“Punk Rock Holocaust truly turns the amps up to eleven in a way that Spinal Tap would never have dared.”

“Doug Sakmann’s lunatic love letter to bloodletting and mosh pitting is (a) big, brash power chord layered across the entire DIY mentality of the music and moviemaking he’s championing. And the results are amazingly insane.”

“Doug Sakmann’s mixture of tour commentary and George A Romero-style gore is the most original twist on the rock video genre in a long, long time.”
– Raindance Film Festival

And a few on the sequel:

“Punk Rock Holocaust 2 touches parts of (the punk) aesthetic that usually are left pretty much unexplored and/or unscathed. As a result, this fabulous fright farce earns a Highly Recommended rating. Those who like it louder, faster, nastier and nuttier need apply…Thanks to the devious Doug Sakmann, all your simplistic chord progression tendencies will be sufficiently satisfied – and then some.”
Bill Gibron –

“If you want comedy, bloodshed, and quality live footage, this is definitely the movie to provide it…With hilarious antics, gore, and high caliber music, Punk Rock Holocaust 2 is a rollercoaster ride of chopped limbs, severed heads and mosh pits.”
– Unbound Zine

“Lots of energy, lots of music, lots of B-film blood, plenty of tongue in cheek, even some half-pipe stunts! Punk Rock Holocaust 2 is a worthy follow-up to the original, beyond a shadow of a doubt.”
– Grand Guignol – – 3.5 out of 4 Stars