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Punk Rock Holocaust on the Final Vans Warped Tour!!

The Punk Rock Holocaust crew will return to the 2018 Vans Warped Tour for one final romp! We’ll be working with Creep Records to release a limited edition DVD of both Punk Rock Holocaust 1 & 2 along with tons of exclusive bonus material that will be available on select dates of the tour!

We will also be finishing up Punk Rock Holocaust 3 with a Warped Tour-ending climax!  The demonic, pop-punk Executioner has returned to the tour with Angelo Moore of the ska/punk legends Fishbone.

Stay tuned for more details!!

About Punk Rock Holocaust 3:
Angelo Moore of Fishbone is hosting his own talk show on the Warped Tour. Along with his field producer James, they travel with the tour interviewing bands on a homemade talk show set on a school bus. In their travels, Angelo and James discover the kids are turning into mindless zombies after their smart-phones become infected with a strange virus. Also band members who have previously died are now mysteriously playing on the tour. On top of all that the Executioner has returned and is running around killing the bands (sometimes re-killing) in the middle of the zombie chaos. Warped founder Kevin Lyman is once again caught in the middle of the madness, trying to maintain the Summer’s biggest rock fest and keep the Satanic Record Exec Belial at bay (once again played by Troma’s Lloyd Kaufman) amidst the biggest Punk Rock Holocaust yet!

Behind the scenes on Punk Rock Holocaust 3!

We started shooting for Punk Rock Holocaust 3 on the 2011 and 2012 Warped Tours, and now 6 years later we’re returning to finish the job! The results of the first round of shooting were extra bloody, murders included Against Me!,  Pepper,  New Year’s Day,  The Exposed,  Peelander Z,  Larry and his Flask, Lucero,  The Dance Party,  Cold 43,  Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds, The Expendables,  Big D and the Kids Table,  Lionize,  Grieves, We The Kings, Cherri Bomb, Sick of Sarah and Justina among others! Thanks to all the bands and of course Kevin Lyman and the Warped Crew. Also thanks to Cold Steel Knives for supplying the Butterfly Swords for the Executioner!

Check out this cool behind the scenes video from Charles Trippy of We The Kings as they shoot their death scene!

Here are a few behind the scenes pictures from the massacre!

The Angelo Moore Show on Punk Rock Holocaust 3!

Here is a present for you, the first uncut, uncensored episode of The Angelo Show from Punk Rock Holocaust 3! Starring Angelo Moore (AKA Dr. MaddVibe), the show is a live multi-camera talk show shot on the Backseat Conceptions school bus. Parts of the interviews are cut into Punk Rock Holocaust 3 along with some extra action sequences that you wont be able to see until the finished movie premieres! This first episode is an interview with the band Lionize so enjoy!

The Angelo Show – Lionize – Punk Rock Holocaust 3 from Backseat Conceptions on Vimeo.