Quotes about Punk Rock Holocaust

About the original Punk Rock Holocaust;

“Punk Rock Holocaust truly turns the amps up to eleven in a way that Spinal Tap would never have dared.”

“Doug Sakmann’s lunatic love letter to bloodletting and mosh pitting is (a) big, brash power chord layered across the entire DIY mentality of the music and moviemaking he’s championing. And the results are amazingly insane.”

“Doug Sakmann’s mixture of tour commentary and George A Romero-style gore is the most original twist on the rock video genre in a long, long time.”
– Raindance Film Festival

“A mutant love child from the films of Herschell Gordon Lewis and the early work of Penelope Spheeris, who documented the late 70’s/early 80’s LA punk world in “The Decline of Western Civilization”.”
– MonstersAtPlay.com

“Punk Rock Holocaust is a movie documenting one of those special mergers like chocolate and peanut butter, only this time it is rock music and horror.”
– Terror Tube.com

Quotes about Punk Rock Holocaust 2;

“Punk Rock Holocaust 2 touches parts of (the punk) aesthetic that usually are left pretty much unexplored and/or unscathed. As a result, this fabulous fright farce earns a Highly Recommended rating. Those who like it louder, faster, nastier and nuttier need apply…Thanks to the devious Doug Sakmann, all your simplistic chord progression tendencies will be sufficiently satisfied – and then some.”
Bill Gibron – DVDtalk.com

“If you want comedy, bloodshed, and quality live footage, this is definitely the movie to provide it…With hilarious antics, gore, and high caliber music, Punk Rock Holocaust 2 is a rollercoaster ride of chopped limbs, severed heads and mosh pits.”
– Unbound Zine

“Lots of energy, lots of music, lots of B-film blood, plenty of tongue in cheek, even some half-pipe stunts! Punk Rock Holocaust 2 is a worthy follow-up to the original, beyond a shadow of a doubt.”
Grand Guignol – BScared.com – 3.5 out of 4 Stars

“(Sakmann) not only amps up the kitsch factor, but seems to enjoy the downright goofiness he subjects the bands and audience to”
Rue Mourge Review – June 2008