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The Holocaust continues with Fishbone!

Hey kids!

It’s been a whirlwind few months since we finished shooting on the Warped Tour. We’ve been doing tons of Halloween events with our NYC Zombie Crawl and have been lucky to have Angelo Moore working with us on some of those events! We also shot a music video for his Dr. MaddVibe project and even got to shoot with him and the rest of Fishbone for a scene for Punk Rock Holocaust 3 when the band played in Philly!

The movie is coming along great, we’ve got a lot edited but we also have a lot of shooting to do in the coming months. As always we set out to kill as many bands as possible, and that means shooting with them as they come through town on tour. We’ve also got a few more dialogue scenes to shoot and some more general insanity so that means there is still a chance for you to be in the movie! We’ll be posting upcoming shoots here on the site as they get set up. We’ll be shooting some scenes in the Los Angeles area in the next few months and then back on the East Coast when it starts getting warmer so stay tuned!  Next up we’re shooting New Years Day’s death scene!

Also, part of the movie features Angelo’s talk show – The Angelo Show! We’re going to have some sneak preview interviews on the site in the coming weeks with Big D and the Kids Table and Lionize!

Until then, check out a preview shot from the new Dr. MaddVibe video ‘Optimistic Yes’ as well as some pictures from the Fishbone scene in Punk Rock Holocaust 3 below!

Until we bleed again…
– Doug Sakmann, Director – Punk Rock Holocaust 3!