Teaching Angelo Moore to fence!

One of the highlights of this year’s tour outside of working with Angelo Moore was teaching him how to fence for the movie. I took fencing classes through High School and Angelo had said he always wanted to learn so we wrote more of it into Punk Rock Holocaust 3. He took to it right away and we we fought samurai sword to fencing foil across the Warped lands in a few cities!  Below are a few pictures of Angelo and I during our first practice as well as some behind the scenes with Angelo and Kevin Lyman from the movie. Also, a good shot of the Backseat Bus!
– Doug Sakmann

Behind the scenes with Merriweather TV

In the latest edition of Merriweather TV (the official TV show of Merriweather Post Pavillion in Columbia, MD), our pal Dixie Cup checks in with Doug Sakmann (director of  Punk Rock Holocaust 3) while he murders Peelander Zas well as some of the fans at the latest installment of the Vans Warped Tour at Merriweather!

Cold Steel: Butterfly Swords

So check it out, the Executioner has some new weapons in his arsenal for the 3rd installment courtesy of our friends at Cold Steel Knives!  The first ones are the Butterfly Swords!

“Prior to World War II, the Butterfly Sword was virtually unknown outside of southern China. This changed at the close of the 1940’s, when the Communists took control of mainland China, forcing many Kung Fu masters to flee the oppressive regime and establish new schools elsewhere. Currently, due to the spread of Kung Fu, these once obscure swords have become quite popular.”

Check them out on Cold Steel now!